When other commitments have allowed Patrick has been persuaded to lecture on cruise ships and overland tours. Apart from the subjects covering his own expertise, (problems in the Gulf region, the Gulf wars, the nuclear dilemma, Antarctic history and Remembrance), he talks with authority on areas in the world where he has traveled and served. This includes most Mediterranean countries, the Middle East, Burma, Chile and the Antarctic.

Examples of talks he has given include:

  • Working with King Leka of Albania
  • Spending time with some of the ruling Burmese generals
  • Being part of the prosecution team dealing with the massacre at Srebrenica
  • Living in Libya for two years
  • Working with the military in Chile shortly after Pinochet stood down as commander in chief
  • Helping to preserve the world's whale and dolphin population

Patrick brings to life the lectures with impactful and interesting presentations and his humour and presence makes for exciting discussions. Patrick will also follow the presentation with a question and answer session, these have been known to go on for sometime!